Founded in 2007, ShengJing360 Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading enterprise service platform in China, which was jointly established by the management team together with various famous investors such as Tsinghua Holdings, Unisplendour, Fortune Venture Capital, Share Investment, Hanergy Investment and Angel investors.

Adopting the “platform business model” for innovation and entrepreneurship service, ShengJing360 realizes the perfect combination of "training consulting + investment". Taking the training and consultation as an entry point, amplified by FOF (Mother fund), ShengJing360 has closely connected and coordinated the existing 10,000 small and medium-sized enterprises and the emerging 10,000 startups with VC, PE, brokers and other top enterprise service providers in the world so as to build a globalized innovative ecosystem.

The high-end face-to-face training course of ShengJing360 has attracted more than 20,000 enterprises with 50,000 trainees. It spares no effort to promote the scale development of network training. It has more than 500 high-end consultation projects now. With the cultivation of ShengJing360 training and consultation service, 10 student enterprises have been listed in the Main Board GEM, and more than 600 student enterprises have been listed in the New Tertiary Board. Their enterprise innovation capacity and market values have been enhanced substantially.