As we keep improving our global influence, we have, as of January 2016, attracted more than 600 foreign delegations from the US, the UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Mexico and many other countries. Besides, many foreign organizations have sent us invitations. For example, we were invited to Ventureport speech in September 2015, GEW speech in November 2015 and TIPS Forum in KISED in January 2016 (all in South Korea).

Since it opened to public in June 2014, Inno Way has achieved remarkable construction results. So far, it is home to a total of 40 incubators, investment organizations and other innovation and entrepreneurship service agencies and relevant enterprises and 1,791 incubated startups, among which 600 are incubated in Inno Way. Over 150,000 people have participated in 1,500 various activities held here. Over 60 enterprises and government departments have settled in Innohall and 3,426 starups have come to seek consultations, among which 363 enterprises have signed deep cooperation agreements with service agencies and 80 startups completed their establishment at the one-stop certificate-handling counter.