Founded in April 7, 2011, the Garage Café is the first incubator settling in the Zhongguancun Inno Way, also a cafe themed with startup. It has a clear goal to reduce the startup costs of startups in early stage. You can stay here for a whole day with a cup of coffee without any other cost. Open working environment, no need for reservation, no threshold, just bring your computer, here is your office.

Why is it called “Garage”? In 2011, Su Di, the janitor of a garage went to the United States for a trip of more than a month. He visited a lot of famous garages, including the place where the two founders of HP had struggled more than 60 years ago. In the startup history of the Silicon Valley, garage is a place incubating legends. Therefore, the Garage Café also hopes to incubate Chinese “Microsoft” and “Google”. It is willing to provide a platform for any creative and innovative people to realize their dreams.

What is the Garage Café like? It is located on the second floor of Xinding Hotel with an area of 800 square meters. It provides wholly open working environment and relaxed communication atmosphere for startups in early stage, so you can communicate with other entrepreneurs in the place gathering lots of startups. Garage Café has also established a very practical membership service system and set up the Entrepreneur Collaboration Platform, so as to realize the resource complementarity between entrepreneurs for common development.

There are more than 200 people of the startups gathering in Garage Café every day, including nearly 20 resident startups, investors, media and large companies. Certainly, there are a lot of entrepreneurs coming here for the first time with their dreams. They communicate with each other on projects and cooperation in Garage Café. From pm 1:30 to pm 2:00 from every Monday to Friday, the “Half-Hour Salon in Garage Café” will open its own small stage. Anyone can introduce his/her project or publish his/her needs on this stage to acquaint with more entrepreneurs.

The “Sign-in wall of Garage Café” will tell you the teams working here today, the investors, technicians here and their locations, for your convenience to find the people you are looking for.

Looking for a partner depends a lot on luck, so the “Sign-in wall of Garage Café” is a very good bridge. Miracles happen on the small wall all the time.

In May 2012, the Garage Café established a member club to help startups integrate resources and provide in-depth startup incubation services for entrepreneurs. Currently, it serves nearly 300 member teams, including more than ten industries such as Internet, IT, education, health care, smart home and automobile. Garage Member Club now has more than 40 partner suppliers, aiming to become the most active domestic mutual collaboration platform for entrepreneurs. So far, about one hundred teams have got investment in the Garage, and the annual income of three teams reached more than 100 million RMB. In addition, there are more than 60 teams who have set up project teams in the Garage.

Garage Café is the utopia of entrepreneurs.